23 aug. 2011

Anatomi-71 / Bombstrike split 7" on the way!

Deluxe hardcore box on the way - Shit asså!

While waiting for our upcoming album, another Anatomi-71 release comes sneaking up from around the corner. The long awaited split 7" with Bombstrike is finally seeing the light of day, and this is not just your ordinary run of the mill split... The 7" is part of a box set of 3 seven inches, the other two featuring Desperat/Giftgasattack and Makabert fynd/Tortyr respectively. We participate with two quite old, but unreleased tracks... "Biljarden, du är skyldig mig ett liv" and "Glöm aldrig Hiroshima" (an Avskum cover).

So six hard hittin' bands, great artwork, colored vinyl, poster, patch and sticker... phew. Yup, of course it's limited... 200 copies, but the split 7" will also be sold separately for those of you who don't care for artyfarty collectibles. Check out D-takt & Råpunk for pre-orders.

But the new LP then?

For those of you waiting for our next album "Från Primat till Reptil", we can say that it is very much on it's way. The CD-version will be released as a digipack by Halvfabrikat Records and the vinyl will be a super fat gatefold LP, co-released by Halvfabrikat & Power it Up Records. We will add more info about this as soon as possible... ok!!!?!?!

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