21 mars 2018

New record out now!

Finally, our new 12" EP has arrived. Six raging but pretty diverse tunes. It's our first recording with Erik playing bass and it was for the most part recorded live by Linus Andersson in Element studios, just likeor previous LP, "Distansen tilltar".

"Människor som medel" translates as "People as means", and in short, it refers to how people tend to dehumanize and objectify "the other", those who are "not like us", as a way to maintain their own self-image, social status, structures of power etc... The lyrics deal mainly with these polarizing processes,,,, 

Anyway... We hope that those of you who have appreciated our previous stuff will find also this record enjoyable. We're currently planning some gigs in the near future and we're looking forward to play these new songs live. If you want to order a copy, drop us an email.

Have a listen to two of the songs:




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